2nd Feb 2015

Wow what a busy start we have had to the start to this term looking at winter. We talked and looked at how we can keep ourselves warm. The clothes we need to wear, how we keep warm inside and outside our homes and also how exercise can help to keep us warm. We have also been talking about how animals keep warm in winter and how some animals sleep all through the winter. The children have been practicing prewriting patterns while decorating hats, scarves, gloves and mittens. During outside play the children have been matching gloves and hats by colour and pattern as we peg them onto our washing line and doing exercises to keep warm. We have been going for winter walks to look at the trees and plants and how the plants look once the frost has hit them. During our walks we pretended to be dragons as when we breathed out and our hot breath met the cold air, it looked like smoke. We found ice that had formed in a tray overnight; so we broke it in half, left half, took half inside and left half outside so we could see what piece of ice melted first. We had ideas as to the one they thought might melt first and why this could be. We also examined the ice using magnifying glasses and held ice in our hands and discussed how it felt and what happened to it while it was in our hands. We have even made artificial snow!! The children played with this over several days, moulding and squeezing it through our fingers before we added arctic animals to it. We talked and looked at the animals and the children gave ideas of what other animals might live there.