10th Feb 2015

新年快樂 Happy New year 新年快樂
For the past two weeks the children have been making dragons and lions in celebration of Chinese New Year. This week we have decorated the home corner with lanterns and red banners and photographs. In the play kitchen we have introduced a wok and chopsticks and paper noodles, and to enhance their role play the children have been dressing up in traditional Chinese costumes while they play. We have made up real noodles for the Children to explore, see how it feels, and can we pick it up using chop sticks. We have been collaging with rice and dry noodles and in the writing area we have Chinese symbols for the children to trace and draw. Outside the children have been banging saucepans and lids together while performing the lion dance. For snack we have been eating rice cakes that have been wrapped in red tissue for good fortune, prawn crackers and tangerines for good luck. During song time we have been learning two new songs to help celebrate this exciting time.

The book of the week this week is the story of the “Nian”, a traditional Chinese story read at this time of year. Please find below a link to the story on you tube for you to share with your child at home.