Little Oaks Reviews


“Both my Children have attended the school and both have benefited immensely. My now 8 year old daughter suffered a severe lack in confidence and the staff worked very hard to tackle this, I really think it gave her a happy, safe and educational experience. My 4 year old has been at the school almost a year now and has benefited by the schools language development program. He started talking quite late so they worked with him on a 1-2-1 basis to develop his speech giving us regular reviews and even arranged a referral to the local speech therapist to have that extra support in his further development. I have so much respect for all the staff who are caring, professional and 110% dedicated to the kids.”

“My fourth child is now currently at little oaks preschool, following In the footsteps of her older siblings. Each time my precious little one reaches 30 months I look at the difference preschools on offer and each time conclude that there is no better than little oaks. The staff are interested in every aspect of the child’s development and are so talented at bringing out the best in each child. They have a wealth of experience that they are happy to share with you. Any problem you may encounter with your child they will have come across and will have a strategy to help overcome. When I leave my daughter there I absolutely know she is getting the best possible care. The sessions are organised, disciplined and fun and prepare little ones for their next step into big school. My oldest child is now at university and has fond memories of his time, and the staff at little oaks, some who are still there making a huge difference to little lives!”

“I can’t rave enough about this pre-school and what they do for the children. My daughter was extremely shy and very clingy when she first started (the staff literally had to peel her off me the first time I left her). With their support, she’s blossomed into a confident, outgoing three year old. The staff and key workers know when to step in, and when to take a step back, and the pre-school provides a supportive and happy environment for her learning and development. She’s now started attending “lunch club” which she just loves. It’s amazing how the simple act of sitting down and eating with other children (rather than just mummy and daddy) accelerates their social skills. If you’re looking for a safe, nurturing means of preparing the most precious thing in your life for “big school” then this is it!”

Recently, on the popular Facebook page ‘Camberley Mums’ someone asked if anybody had any comments they’s like to make about Little Oaks Pre-School. Below is a section of the news feed that followed.