Parents are the first and most important educators of their young children. Little Oaks aim to welcome and support parents, as well as inviting them to play an active role in the pre-school.

We encourage all parents to get to know the staff and members of the committee and get involved in the committee’s curricular and extra-curricular (like coffee mornings, fairs, raffles and nights out) activities. If you are new to the area it’s also a great way to make new friends.

Parent’s Questionnaire

Last term, the Little Oaks parents were asked to complete a short questionnaire so we could get more of an understanding into why parents decide to send their children to Little Oaks, what they find particularly impressive about the pre-school and if there are any areas which could be enhanced. 

Below are some statements taken from those questionnaires:

“I have a positive experiences previously. Above all, I have trust in the staff.”

“I chose Little Oaks through recommendations and historical reputation.”

“Friendly, approachable establishment. Small group numbers mean close bonds/relationships with the nursery team and good communication with parents.”

“I’m delighted I sent my child to Little Oaks. Her development has gone beyond my expectations.”

“I was really impressed by the knowledge and understanding that Jill had about the children and their learning. I also like the structure of the day and the expectations of the children’s behaviour.”

Parent’s Rota

An important part you can play in Little Oaks is to take turns on the rota (a monthly list to come in and help out during a pre-school session). This is an ideal way to gain a broader knowledge of what actually happens during a pre-school session. Research shows that children learn better when their parents are involved. This is also a valuable opportunity for all children to see their own parents / carers in a new role.

Keep in touch

As well as keeping you up to date via the pre-school website and the regular newsletter, Little Oaks has a Facebook page ‘Little Oaks Pre-School’. The page will keep you up to date with what is happening in pre-school, including the book of the week (with a link to the book), topic work, examples of the work the children have been doing, as well as news and important updates. Please do ‘like’ the page to receive notifications (and check regularly to see what news might not have popped up in your news feed). Like us on Facebook here

In addition, Facebook Group, ‘Little Oaks Pre School Parents’ has been set up by and run for parents of children who attend, have attended and are considering attending Little Oaks Pre School. The group aims to provide a place for parents of children at Little Oaks Pre School to get in touch, support each other and arrange play dates. Please make a request to join and one of the admin (committee members) will first verify you are a pre-school parent before adding you to the group. View our Facebook parent page and make a request to join

Recommending Little Oaks to other parents

Little Oaks is also listed on:, The FreeIndex, Google+, Netmums

Summer Holiday Club – Open to EVERYONE!

Need a Holiday Club for the summer? Our Netmums Holiday Club page provides all the information you need

Netmums Holiday Club

All of these sites help other parents find out more about Little Oaks and boost the pre-school’s profile – we’d really appreciate any positive reviews parents would like to make about Little Oaks and the Holiday Club on these sites – if you’ve got a few moments to spare, please look us up and post a review!