3rd Jul 2019

Summer Term News Letter!

Hope you are all looking forward to the Summer Term!

There have been no changes to the Committee since our last newsletter, so here is a reminder of our committee members.
Chair – Hayley
Secretary / Admin – Jennie
Fundraising – Michelle / Sadia
Finance – Lee
Marketing – Danielle
Supplies – Lizzie
Maintenance – Lisa

If you feel you would like to become a committee member or helper at any of our events, please come and speak with Jill. We are always keen to have as many people involved as possible. you can also have a look at our committee Page and find out more about each role by clicking on the link!

You can also email Jill with any ideas you may have: littleoaks.preschool@virgin.net


The below link is for our Facebook page, Please request to become a member, this is a great platform for all parents of the children to get together and arrange playdates etc.
Please also leave any reviews you have on the Pre-school… Always greatly received.



Please make sure you speak with Jill and let her know which school your child is attending, this will help Jill arrange transition meetings and visits by the teachers to see their child at pre-school and update them on their progress.



We need your help!
To make our gardens the best they can be for your child, we need as much help as possible. If you are available to help, even for a short while, it would be very much appreciated. Bring the kids along, the more the merrier!


Parents of children who will still be at pre-school in September and for children starting with us in September, we would like to invite you to a coffee afternoon and a stay and play for the children. Wednesday 3rd July 2019 between 1.00pm and 2.15pm!


Please look out for a special invitation for our annual curry night. This is a great opportunity for parents to meet in a non-formal way and eat some great food and have a good chat!!


A big thank-you for all the parents, teachers and committee members who were able to help out at our May Fayre!
We had a great day, the weather was glorious and we managed to raise a massive £1,290.63
This profit will be going to getting new Astro Turf for our gardens, to make the play area a greater place to play! So once again, Thank- you.


1. Please remember to wear shoes that have toes covered.
No flip flops, Crocs or opened toes sandals.

2. If the weather is going to be warm, please remember to put sun cream on your child.

3. Remember to put your child’s name in their hat!


BAGS: Please only bring a bag to school if your child is still in pullups. They should only contain pull ups, baby wipes, nappy sacs and a change of clothes.

INDEPENDENCE: As an important part of your child’s development and in preparation for school, we are promoting their self-help skills. So, with this in mind, please could all parents ensure that their child has one coat/anorak that has a hood and zip, not 2 layers as they struggle. We need to be confident that children are coming to school with the correct winter coats as the weather is getting extremely cold. Can we also make sure that there is nothing left in pockets!

PARKING AND WALKING: The car park at the end of Gorse Road is for the use of the Grove School. No parking or turning please. The Grove School has asked us to remind parents to use the paths and not to walk across the grass in front of the pre-school as it will wear a track in the grass. It will also bring mud and grass in to the pre-school!

ILLNESS: Please keep children at home if they have an infection and also inform us as the nature of the infection so that we can alert other parents where necessary. Children that have suffered with either vomiting and/or diarrhoea should refrain from attending pre-school until 48 hours following the last attack. If you are unsure whether your child should attend pre-school or not, please contact Jill at Little Oaks on (01276) 708952.

ABSENCES: If your child is going to be absent from pre-school regardless of reason, please don’t forget to let Jill know.

CORRESPONDENCE: Please label all letters with your child’s name and content on the front and hand to Jill personally.

POCKETS: Please check your child’s pockets for small objects/food before bringing them to pre-school. Items such as this can pose a hazard to the other children.

PICK UP TIME: Please wait outside the gate if the children are playing outside. If they are not, then parents should not open the gate until 11:55am for morning pick-ups and 15:25pm for afternoon pickups. Please arrive promptly at 12.00 to ensure that staff has a sufficient amount of time for their lunch break before the next session at 12.30pm.

BAD WEATHER: We call all parents of children that are in that day if the group is going to be closed. As a rule of thumb if the Grove School is closed due to snow then we are closed. (not in service days) So if parents hear on Eagle Radio that The Grove are not opening neither are we. We also put it on our Web site and Facebook Pages.