25th Feb 2015


I thought you would like to know how we have been spending some of the fundraising money on, which you have worked so hard to raise for Little Oaks over the last few months. We love to buy new equipment and toys for the children and it would be lovely to think that’s all we have to do with it, but sometimes we have to use the money raised in other ways, but are just as important to the children.

Over the half term break, the staff participated in a 2 day, 12 hrs paediatric first aid course with both practical and written tests at the end. The staff have to take this course every 3 years to keep up to date with all the latest requirements and to comply with our OFSTED registration. Most importantly it gives the staff the confidence and knowledge to know what to do if an emergency did occur. This course costs over £500, so THANK YOU, as without all your hard work Little Oaks would struggle to fund these courses.

IMG_0588Today we explained to the children that we as teachers have to go back to school to learn new things and how over the half term all of the teachers learnt how to keep the them safe by learning what to do in an emergency. I asked one of the children if they could help me show the others what I had learnt. Once I had shown them, other children wanted to see if they could do it to me. Here is a picture of the children putting me into the recovery position. I am amazed that apart from a couple of prompts they all remembered what to do and encouraged each other while working together.

Jill 🙂