The secretary is one of the three roles that we must have to run as a pre-school. It is an amalgamation of two similar jobs; the minuets secretary and the admin assistant. This person keeps the minuets of all the committee meetings and AGM but also does any admin that is needed to run as a committee.
The role of the Secretary:
  • Prepare agenda’s for committee meetings and AGM.
  • Minuet the committee meetings and AGM, circulate them between the committee.
  • Ensure the minuets are signed by the chair.
  • Provide general administrative assistance to the committee when required.
  • Maintain and update the committee contact list.
  • Ensure any forms needed by the committee are up to date and in stock.
  • Make welcome packs for new committee members.
  • Complete yearly OFSTED letter.
  • Monitor status/help with DSB checks and report at meeting.
  • Assist with any tasks within the committee.

This is a great Role if you already have a background in admin or are generally well organised with paperwork. you need to be able to come to all meetings so that you can write up minuets after. It is important that you are computer literate so that you can type the minuets up and email them to other committee members. you need to be a clear and confident communicator and easily approachable.