I’m Lauren, I’ve been at little oaks since 2013 and I love it here!

Little oaks is a place that is very close to my heart because I actually came here as a child, I volunteered here during my time at school and college and then after I got back from university I got a temporary job here and never left. So, let’s take it back a little and say when I was at university I studied photography, I still love photography and do this at weekends taking photos of cheerleading competitions, but my love really is teaching.

One of my favourite parts of my “job” is reading stories to the children and because of this I have my own youtube channel where I read stories in the comfort of little oaks. I have a lot of followers and thousands of views, this I am quite proud of.

I have a big family that means the world to me and takes up most of my time, 6 nieces and nephews and 2 brothers and with all of them and all of your children it keeps me very busy and I love it.

One thing you will may already know about me, or you will do soon when the time comes, is that I am Christmas CRAZY. I have so many Christmas outfits that I will wear, and I really am the biggest child when it comes to Christmas, so I cant wait to share this magical time with you and your child!