Jill Brace


I joined “little Oaks” or as it was then known “Longmeadow playgroup” when my son started way back in 1987. I was a young mum with two small children wanting to learn more about child education.  I joined as a playgroup assistant and started to work towards my Diploma in Pre – school practice. When my third child was born I left the staff but did not want to lose contact with the group so I joined the Pre – School voluntary committee as a fundraiser. I enjoyed this time immensely and gained a huge insight into the work the Pre School parents do. I was invited to take over the role as supervisor in 1991. I am very proud to have been part of Little Oaks journey from a playgroup in a scout hut to the Pre – School we are today. In 2000 my job title changed to Manager/Supervisor when we moved to our current site and my job became more office based. Little Oaks has played a huge part in my world and I can’t think of life without it. I love all aspects of my Job but I especially love story time when I can officially escape the office to be with the children.