Fundraising Helper


Fundraising is a really important job within the Little Oaks committee because we are a non-profit organisation it means that anything that we would like to benefit the group we have to fundraise for. We do 2 big fundraisers a year (the Christmas raffle and May fayre) however sometimes we do more and this is up to the fundraiser and Helper to organise with help from the rest of the committee. In previous years we have fundraised for, Astro turf, the sensory garden and mud kitchen, spray painting the shed and small things like buying plants and toys.

The role of the Fundraising Helper:

  • To assist the fundraising Lead with anything they may need to do. (including planning of events, helping to set up and take down events, collecting prizes etc.)
  • To identify new fundraising ideas.
  • Help to prepare any fundraising documents (posters, letters and applications).
  • Help to recruit volunteers to attend and support fundraising activities.
  • You may even be asked to plan, implement and manage your own event.

This is a great role if you are a social person and like to chat with the other parents and company’s. It is important to be able to plan, prioritise and meet deadlines. This is a really rewarding part of the committee as you can physically see the money that you have raised for each  event that you organise. It is a great job if you are with little oaks over a number of years and would like to progress to Fundraising Lead.