I treasurer is one of the 3 roles that we must have if we are to run as a Pre-school. This person co ordinates everything to do with the finances at the pre-school. This involves book keeping, budgeting, banking, insurance, fundraising and Payroll. The Treasurer is the intermediary between the pre school and the companies that we work with.

The role of the Treasurer:

  • To manage creditors accounts/ issue payments with remittances from Kashflow.
  • To submit to charities commission along with independent scrutineers report.
  • To provide regular financial reports to committee meetings (once a half term).
  • To Ensure all recurring creditors are providing best value for money (shopping around).
  • To manage and distribute cash floats for fayres. Collate takings and produce P&L report.
  • To manage workplace pensions schemes / opt outs where necessary.
  • To liaise with the secretary and ensure all charities commission / trustees data is current and up to date.


This is a great role if you have a background in finance and are good with getting the best “deal” when looking at utilities. it also helps if you have planning and organisational skills and are a clear and confident communicator. You must also be computer literate as all our banking, communicating and fee monitoring is done¬†by computer software.