Chair person is a vital role within the committee, if we do not have one we cannot work as a committee run pre-school. The chair person must manage the committee meetings and keep the meetings on track and to the point. The chairperson is the intermediary between parents, staff and the rest of the committee and may become a figurehead of the preschool.


The role of the Chairperson:

  • oversee the committee and the chairs meeting
  • work with the secretary on agendas
  • reports on group events
  • supports the treasurer
  • meets with the staff to ensure the OFSTED requirements are met
  • Delegate and ensure jobs are shared out and undertaken


This is a great role if you are a social person and are confident in your ability to guide a group. This is a lot of commitment as you will be the first port of call for most other members of the committee and the manager of Little Oaks. You must also be able to come to all committee meetings (these happen usually once every half term) and also you must be able to Chair the AGM so that you can elect a new committee.