Supplies Administrator

This is a relatively simple job within the committee, this person will go shopping for us. Over a period of time the pre school will make a list of things that they are running out of these usually come from two shops, a supplies shop and a supermarket. When you have this list you go shopping for the items as soon as you can and then bring them back to the pre school.

The role of a supplies Administrator:

  • Go to the shops requested and buy Items needed by the pre school.
  • liaise with the committee about events that things may need things brought for it.

This is a great role if you love to shop and find the best deal. you need to be able to deliver the shopping back to the pre school during session times, this is an ongoing role through out the year but generally needed once a month. you don’t need to come to committee meeting if you would like to take on this role and you can also do this role and another if you feel you can.