Holiday Club Reviews

“My daughter attended all the sessions last year. She can remember the different themes and still has all the things she made which she still plays with today. The team had put so much effort into every theme they did that the children found it magical.”

“Don’t let your little one miss out on this! My little girl went to all the sessions available last year and loved every minute. Her favourite was the fairies themed day, the children made and wore their own wings, and partied under a tree decorated with wind chimes and with fairy mushrooms below. Bubbles were blowing In the breeze, music playing and it was just magic. Other themes for the sessions were, Teddy bears picnic, when the children decorated biscuits with their bears and of course the pirate themed day. Again the preschool was decorated appropriately and with such fantastic imagination. The children made their own treasure boxes and hats etc. My little one felt that she was going to the best party ever each day and couldn’t wait to get there. Oh to be 3 again!”

“My son attended the Holiday Club for two years running and LOVED it!! Jill and her fantastic team planned the sessions down to the finest details so that the children were able to let their imaginations run free. At the end of each day my little boy was bursting with excitement and couldn’t wait to show and tell me about all of the fun things he had done. Playing in the sand and paddling pool were particular favourites, but he also enjoyed searching for treasure to put in the treasure box he had made, sailing on a real pirate ship and riding on his unicorn (which we still have!) I would highly recommend the Little Oaks Holiday Club to anyone who is looking to keep a pre-schooler entertained over the summer holidays!”